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Matsumoto Restaurant by Golucci International Style

Golucci International Style have made the Matsumoto Restaurant in Beijing, China.
Description from the designer
Matsumoto Restaurant is a Japanese food chain retailer brand in China. This time, they invited the renowned Taiwan designer Lee Hsuhang to conduct the design. Feeling people’s desperate pursuit of fame and rewards in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the designer realizes the fantastic value to bring individuals back to simplicity and the true themselves, so the intriguing concept “pray for blessings” comes out.
Lee Hsuheng uses Japanese Taiko, Clifford board, loved ones totem and sumo-culture components to decorate the Restaurant. Inside, the lights generate a sense of magnificence and style. Outdoors, the exterior wall, decorated by multi-layer timber Japanese Clifford boards, does not only provide a fantastic visual expertise, but also presents to customers a unique space in the Restaurant to pray for blessings. The clients can write their wishes to future in the boards, which both brings the consumers an expectation of realizing their wishes, and also it becomes an engagement amongst Matsumoto Restaurant and customers.

The designer embodies the miniature of China’s harmonious society with the project. The unique style shall also make more established clients to the Restaurant, which effectively expresses the designer’s belief very good style shall show its personal commercial value.

Project Name: Matsumoto Restaurant (Beijing)
Design and style business : Golucci International Style
Style group: Lee Hsuhang, Zhao Shuang, Ji Weng
Client: Matsumoto Restaurant
Place: Beijing China
Constructed area: 600m2
Completion (date): 2012.10
Photographer: Sun Xiangyu

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