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Pendant Lights with Glass Plant Terrariums from Bocci, Modern Home Decor

Pendant lights and glass terrarium for plants from Bocci provide lovely eco friendly house accessories for modern day homes and offices. Striking new style, uncommon shapes and pleasant white color are blended into unique lighting fixtures which are terrariums with plants at the same time.

The combination of two contemporary residence decor concepts is spectacular and inspiring, allowing to create truly individual modern day interiors. The 38 Series is the collection of contemporary pendant light designs which is developed using a exclusive approach exactly where glass spheres are blown and then a multitude of cavities are introduced into them.

Cavities are intentionally intersecting and colliding inside the sphere, generating these pendant lights and glass terrariums with plants look so uncommon and wonderful. Some of the cavities serve as planters.

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Pendant light design with glass plant terrariums

hanging lamps with plant terrariums

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Little spaces filled with soil grow to be glass terrariums for plants, generating gorgeous workplace or home decorations. Various pendant lights with terrariums and plants, combined with other people house lighting fixtures, look like a beautiful indoor garden.

Pendant light and glass terrarium hybrid is a great style thought from Bocci, bocci.ca/ that brings nature and art into modern properties and offices, making pleasant, eco friendly and comfortable interiors.

pendant lights with plant terrariums

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