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Poke stool by Kyuhyung Cho

Poke stool is the 1st furnishings piece developed by a typography designer, Kyuhyung Cho. The inspiration was to create furnishings for adults but keep a spirit of youngster like play in the type and function. The stool is easy, bold and playful.
The combination of 4 round legs and the eight holes in each seat produce a stackable stool with a graphical method. The stools poke one particular one more to construct up a stack, as the four legs pass through the holes of the other seat. The twist of each and every stool added creates a rhythm as the stack grows larger. The addition of the fourth stool establishes a new layer with a distinct tempo. The composition of different colours and variations to the rhythm lead us generate our personal structure, like a geometric sculpture.
The Poke is created in Finnish organic birch and oak. The stool is completed with a tough wearing lacquer to generate a solid and smooth surface to make stacking and unstacking function effortlessly.

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