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Colorful Miniature Planters Adding Mini Garden Design to Your Bike

Miniature planters in bright colors give an unusual fine touch to your bike, permitting you to take tiny plants with you wherever you cycle and let folks take pleasure in your mini garden design and style. Expanding plants and flowers, combined with cycling, are fantastic mixture for a green-minded way of life.

Uncommon and eye-catching, mini garden design and style on a bike will make individuals smile, producing a superb atmosphere and bringing much more joy into your life also. Miniature garden design is a exclusive opportunity to grow plants and cycle simultaneously.

Biking with your tiny plants on a frame is exciting. Transportable miniature planters features a contemporary design, vivid colors and a handy cord. A superb green design is an effortless way to take your garden with you.

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Mini garden with tiny plants on bike’s frame

vertical garden for bike decoration

Vertical garden design for bike, colorful mini planters

These mini planters, made by Etsy seller Colleen Jordan, attach snuggly to a bike’s frame with nylon cord, permitting cyclists to add unusual floral decorations and green design to an currently eco friendly way of traveling.

Every of these little bike planters are manufactured individually making use of the most recent in 3d printing technology. The bike planter is developed digitally with modeling computer software and is then 3d printed out of nylon and hand dyed red and sealed.

orange planter with cord

Orange planter with nylon cord for bike decoration

Due to the hand dying approach, the colour of this planter could vary slightly. This planter functions best with a clipping from a succulent that has been permitted to take root or a huge air plant.

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Yellow planter for bicycles

pink planter for bicycle

Bicycle with pink planter

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