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Decorative Pillows and Poufs Knotty by Kumeko, Modern day Furniture and Decor

Decorative pillows and poufs Knotty are inspired by traditional weaving, knotting and basket generating methods. A set of floor cushions and poufs will give personality to your space decorating, adding stunning and comfortable design and style and texture to your home decor.

Knotty is a floor cushion with a plaited upholstery, created by Ku me ko, www.kumeko.com. The design and style studio, based in Prague, Czech Republic, supplied a set of functional and quite decorative pillows and poufs in light color for your area decorating.

Offered in two sizes, the floor cushions and poufs were inspired by old traditions and cozy handmade area decorating accessories, and blend fresh furniture style idea and components with soft texture of knitted fabric.

Knotty pillows and poufs

pouf made of knitted upholstery fabric

Made from soft jersey tubes and stuffed with very resilient foam, the decorative pillows and poufs feel very comfy.

A lining that is filled with polystyrene balls makes these cushions and poufs adjusts nicely and molds to your body.

modern furniture and decor accessories

Soft knitted fabric, combined with polystyrene balls make these home accessories additional comfortable. The light neutral color, melange gray, can very easily match any home decorating colors palette. Also these decorative pillows and poufs are available in other colors.

Beautiful poufs, furnishings and decorative property accessories from L’Oca Nera

Modern furnishings design and style, large floor pillows and Yummy room decorating suggestions

The lining and upholstery fabrics are dry clean only, however, it is attainable to separate them, generating these property accessories a lot more practical and simple to clean.

basket weaving technique in furniture design

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