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RO chair by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen

“Ro” indicates tranquility in Danish. The name was chosen because it captures the point of the chair in just two letters, hence reflecting the Nordic strategy and idea of beauty.
Ro is made with great craftsmanship and in the highest sustainable high quality. Combined with the sculptural and sophisticated design and style, the result is a functional and aesthetic chair that fascinates its surroundings. One particular seems to fall in enjoy with it. Ro does not compromise on either comfort or aesthetics.

Time for reflection is a luxury in today’s planet. We are all busy and constantly brief of time to develop a moment for quiet contemplation. The new simple chair springs from a want to produce a piece of furnishings that gives an opportunity for reflection in our urban busy lives. Nevertheless, Ro is a lot far more than an easy chair. It’s a 1½-seater exactly where you can loosen up, adjust positions and have your newspaper, laptop or youngster subsequent to you and develop a new comfort zone.
The design and style of the shell is sophisticated and basic, pleasing to each the eye and the body and provides the promise of tranquility in each its visual expression and its comfortable functionality. Furthermore, the form of the shell provides you the option of getting element of what goes on in the space or relaxing in your own private space.
“We place a wonderful deal of effort into the type of the chair, which is inspired by the human body. We wanted a chair that was comfortable as properly as gorgeous. My aim was to develop a slim and sophisticated chair that encourages reflection and comfort,” says Jaime Hayon.
The easy chair is accessible in nine colours: three traditional alternatives (black, grey and taupe), 3 vibrant colours (violet, blue and yellow) and 3 soft colours (light pink, sage-green and sand). For a much more vibrant look, the chair attributes two diverse textures: one particular for the seat shell and one for the cushions, which supports the contrasted expression of the tough shell and the warm and soft interior.
Developed by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen

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