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Green and Blue Colour Combination

Have you ever heard the saying “blue and green ought to by no means be seen”? Properly this post aims to prove that saying wrong after and for all.When choosing colour combinations for the property 1 of the methods you can do so is via making use of the colour wheel.

It is advisable that you either go for opposite colours or these that are subsequent to each and every other. Nicely, blue and green take place to be placed next to 1 and other, and if you select the appropriate shades this colour combination can be a winning a single.

Citron and Indigo.

Citron and indigo balance every other out completely. It is usually very tough to incorporate a vibrant and zesty colour with a deep and intriguing a single, however citron and indigo breaks all of the guidelines. The citron adds the energy and electrical energy, while the indigo brings in the class and sophistication. It is always far better to stick to dark accessories when working this colour mixture otherwise the indigo will seem as well isolated.

Lime and Turquoise.

Lime and turquoise has long been a popular colour combination for those who have a taste for the bold and the slightly eccentric. This colour scheme is refreshing, energising, and complete of life. This colour combination is perfect for rooms whereby inspiration and energy are core qualities, such as office spaces and kitchens.

Kelly Green and Blue.

This colour mixture is great for these who are seeking to add some colour to a conventional style of space. These shades work beautifully when placed against rustic wood furnishings pieces. They allude to elements of nature and can create an superb earthy feel.

Play With Colour Ratios .

And last but not least, this tip can be utilised for all colour combinations. You do not need to have to attempt and create an even ratio of 50:50 in regards to blue to green. You can use one colour as the dominating force and the other to add more character via limiting its use. The use of alternate colour chairs in this picture is a fantastic touch.
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