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Furniture Collections that Act as Storage Space

We’d enjoy to share some multifunction furnishings suggestions that will support solving your space problem. There are lots of sofa and chair collection that also play part as book and magazine storage. The 1st style comes from Fishbol and is dubbed the Bookset. This modern day furnishings combines chairs and bookcase into one and is made in straightforward shape. Produced of Canadian birch plywood, the chair is complemented with a felt cushion in customizable colors. The chair is presented in perfect curve that look extremely comfortable.

The next model is the Book lounge chair and stool that are finished by Jean-Francois d’Or for Jongform. This inventive furnishings has modest space in the junction among the seat and backrest that is quite functional to find books and magazines. This cozy chair is extremely soft and perfect for lounging whilst reading your favored novel or magazine.

Created by Daisuke Motogi Architecture studio, the below armchair is exhibited on DesignTide Tokyo 2010. This creative armchair is best for any living area and is really helpful to keep your Tv remote control, books, cell phones and anything else. You can basically place those issues in between the upholstered cubes type of the armchair. This cozy armchair can also hold flower vase or cup.
[photographs by: Takahumi Yamada]

The below space saving furniture is developed by Remy van Oers in association with Coolen/AttrackZ. Comes from the Reading Furnishings series, this modern collection includes reading chair, reading table and also reading lamp. This modern furnishings is exhibited on Dutch Design Week 2010 and looks really best for complementing each and every living space or library area. Each and every of the collection is made of all-natural wood and cozy upholstery for providing a excellent comfort for you.

Developed by Younes Duret, this comfortable sofa is dubbed the Ransa. The sofa is completed with book storage under the seating region. The inventive design of the Ransa make it looks like levitate above the books. This cozy sofa can be complemented with several soft cushions to make it even much more comfy.

The final style comes from Swedish style students, Emma Nilsson, Johanna Westin and Lisa Frode. This sofa is inspired by an old and traditional kitchen sofa that is normally noticed in Sweden residences. The sofa is complemented with several storage options, such as at the back of the bench and under the seat. This functional bench is created of Swedish pine with elm wood details that look very stylish. We hope these furnishings design and style will inspire you.

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