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Edible Cups for Coffee, Modern Tableware or Delicious Treats

Unusual edible cups from Enrique Luis Sardi have already won a lot of awards, like in eco friendly items design and style, marketing and advertising, enterprise development and new style. Edible cups bring a new trend in contemporary tableware, offering edible items, exclusive table decorations and scrumptious treats that will please kids and adults.

This meals design and style thought is simple and creative. Even though drinking coffee you can consume a cup. Cookie Cup style was created by designer Enrique Luis Sardi for serving higher-high quality coffee Lavazza in surprisingly delicious edible cups.

Creative food design tips and exciting edible decorations add lots of joy to holidays, unique occasions and birthday parties. Edible tableware and table decorations are fun to appear at and consume.

Cookie cups for coffee with sweet treats

coffee in edible cookie cup

Edible cup for coffee, contemporary tableware and food design rends

Cookie Cups, produced by Italian designer make beautiful and delicious table decorations, supplying appealing cups for tasty coffee drinks and mouth watering desserts you can eat at the exact same time.

Sugar icing not only seals the surface and prevents leakage, but also sweetens the bitter taste of coffee drinks, which is best for these who favor to add sugar to coffee drinks. Sugar and a spoon may possibly not be required when you drink coffee from a sweet Cookie Cup.

cookie cup for coffee

Sweet treat and coffee cup, distinctive meals design and style thought

A variety of biscuit cups, covered inside with a tough sugar icing, are inspiring and thrilling inventions that will delight children and adults. Edible cups and plates will make holidays and party occasions even more specific and enjoyable.

Brownies and cupcakes in egg shells, creative meals style idea

Furnishings like meals design and style concepts from Sapore Dei Mobili

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