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Apartment Style Suggestions by Robert Janevski in Skopje

Nothing at all could cheer you up more than a delightful residence you live in comfortable, sensible and very good searching. This style is a clear instance of a delightful apartment in a tiny space. This apartment with a modest space of only 45 m2 was smartly created to include a bedroom, a study room, a living space and a child room. It is challenging in such a little space to create a household atmosphere, but the designer could successfully do that using colors in an outstanding mixture in between light and warm white color is dominating the floors and most of the walls which bring a light ambiance and make you really feel that the space is bigger. In the bedroom, warm brown provides an intimate feeling and matches beautifully with the lighting on top of the bed. To not occupy space, a Tv is hanged on the wall. A massive & sensible bookcase is separating the bedroom from a study area which consists of only a little desk and a comfy chair in pure white color to contrast with brown in the bedroom. A tiny dressing is hidden behind the large bookcase. Glass doors look amazing the designer utilized them to separate rooms without having minimizing space, chic glass doors separate the study space from the relaxing area which combines a living or rest space with a child nursery. This rest space is composed of a relaxing lounge chair, a lovely storage cabinet and a infant cot in addition to some stylish wall shelves. Its green walls and white floors are making a magnificent harmony especially with white the chair, cot, shelves and brown storage unit.

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