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Plastic and Glass Recycling for Fences Constructed of Empty Bottles, 20 Green Constructing Ideas

Plastic and glass recycling are hot topics. Using empty plastic and glass bottles for developing gorgeous fences and flower bed borders are interesting and creative green concepts that add gorgeous accents to backyard designs.

Empty plastic bottles, wine, beer or water bottles made of glass are excellent material for constructing uncommon and eco friendly fences, flower bed borders, garden furnishings and property walls.

Photographs taken by Natalie Seaver show a quite fence constructed of empty glass bottles in green and blue colors. Incredibly sophisticated ad attractive, this fence tends to make a stunning decoration for the property entrance.

Eco friendly green creating with old empty bottles

Plastic recycling, inexpensive residence decorations produced of plastic bottles

Glass bottles recycling for a fence

reuse and recycle glass bottlesInventive methods to reuse and recycle empty glass bottles

The fence created of empty glass bottles appear stunning in the sunlight and add a splash of colour to the house exterior on a gloomy day. Steel wire or thin poles and a diamond drill bit are all you need for this interesting diy project that creates a beautiful fence or eye-catching garden decorations for your home.

Creating fences or flower bed borders and producing delightful garden decorations for inventive backyard styles are eye-catching green suggestions for re-purposing wine, beer and water bottles to reuse and recycle empty glass bottles and save the environment.

fence built with green and blue glass bottlesSpecial fence built with green and blue glass bottles, resourceful way to reuse and recycle empty bottles

Transparent bottles, combined with glass bottles in green and blue colors look harmonious, adding graceful curves of bottle type to fences, flower bed borders, outdoor furnishings and garden decorations and making exclusive backyard styles.

Recycling used wine bottles corks for hot pot coasters, green ideas for crafts

Artistic approaches ro reuse and recycle bottle caps, recycled crafts for youngsters

More suggestions for green constructing of empty bottles

If you have lots of wine, beer or water bottles, and you do not know what to do with them, then here’s 15 concepts to reuse and recycle empty bottles, adding inventive, unique and charming accents to backyard designs.

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