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Minimalist Bin by Li Jianye, Modern Residence Accessories

Metal frame for garbage bags or storage in minimalist style is developed by Chinese product designer Li Jianye. Made of 1 piece of wire, this modern day item offers the modern house accessory that blends the attractive  design and style and functionality.

The metal frame Flexibin is created by few twists of the wire, and appears elegant and light. The metal frame can be utilized for holding papers, drawings and magazines, or for plastic garbage bags. A cloth bag, added to the metal frame delivers an excellent storage notion for yarn and fabric pieces also.

Straightforward shape and sturdy material make this residence accessory suitable for all sorts of storage. The neutral metal gray colour and light design and style can match any residence decorating style and interior color scheme, adding an exciting and practical item to your property or office.

wire frame for garbage bags

Wire frame for plastic garbage bags, house accessories in minimalist style

The strength and flexibility of the steel enable to organize an appealing storage and  makes it effortless to add or get rid of cloth or plastic bags as nicely.

Li Jianye is an revolutionary item designer, who regularly publishes exciting projects and new design concepts on his blog.

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