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Modern day House Decorating with Reclaimed Wood, 14 Artistic Wood Recycling Ideas

Reclaimed wood pieces make gorgeous house decorations, bringing a well-known eco trend into contemporary interiors. Reclaimed wood pieces from old barns and fences, old wooden ships and rustic pallets, pieces of old furniture and decor accessories are now employed for modern property decor, adding a unique texture, rustic flavor and wealthy colors of old wood to modern interiors.

Dark wood looks gorgeous with light interior decorating colors and produce dramatic contrasts with light gray and white residence decorating ideas. Elegant grayish brown tones and wealthy brown colors of reclaimed wood add softness and interest to the light or neutral color schemes.

White decorating tips that include white wall paint and wallpaper styles, white residence furniture and decor accessories, white decorative fabrics and floor decor appear gorgeous and bold, emphasizing the beauty of all-natural wood. Area furnishings and decor accessories, created of reclaimed wood pieces, combined with natural house decorating fabrics, natural stone and metal decor, produce a excellent blend of eco friendly tips for decorating your rooms in sophisticated eco style.

Vintage furnishings and decorative accessories from Restoration Hardware, retro furnishings design

Modern interior design suggestions, all-natural rope ceiling design and style and reclaimed barn wood

Reclaimed wood for modern day home decorating

storage furniture for dining room decorating

Storage furnishings for dining area decorating, wood recycling concepts

Reclaimed wood is a well-known material for ceiling and wall designs. Salvaged wood is valuable and attractive. The boards and beams, or modest pieces of old wood furnishings appear fresh and surprising in modern interiors, inspiring creative wood recycling tips and beautiful new designs.

Going green with rustic wood and reclaimed wood pieces is enjoyable. Salvaged wood is an environmentally friendly creating and interior decorating material that develop rustic feel of a nation property.

Recycling wood pallets for coat racks and wall panels, handmade decorative accessories

4 creative wall decoration suggestions, old ladders for modern day wall decor

Decorating ceiling and walls and designing or acquiring furniture and residence decor accessories made of salvaged wood is an artistic way to help green living and recycling concepts, protecting the environment.

outdoor dining furniture

Outside furnishings produced of reclaimed wood pieces, green living in sophisticated and comfortable eco style

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