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New Teak and Tiki Bar Furnishings

One more way in outdoor decoration with fun concepts that alter your garden style in a comfy manner at the identical time ,teak bar is a brilliant notion that can be placed with teak sofa and club chairs to comprehensive the overall shape that come in the organic wood colors to add the elegant touch to your d├ęcor, also you can go with the new tiki bars are from bamboo that can turn out to be the center of your entertainment events and a perfect complement to your patio, outdoor kitchen, restaurant that the Roof panels are constructed with palm thatch cover on top of bamboo plywood panel. The smaller unit can seat up to 14 and the bigger unit up to 18. We develop our Tiki Bars with natural colour Muso bamboo and the exclusive black speckled bamboo, so select a colour to suit your taste.

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