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Maison du Boisé by Gestion René Desjardins

Gestion René Desjardins have designed the Maison du Boisé in rural Quebec, Canada for a household with 3 young young children and possibly a fourth.
Project description
When they had selected a wooded internet site, the mandate was to produce a residence that would specifically address the children’s effectively-being. From there, the mother was interested in colour and the father wanted a style that would final “indefinitely”. As for the style, they agreed it would be contemporary but “not minimalist”.
Hugely refined, they are the antithesis of common notions of a household property, excessively “cosy,” overburdened with colours and objects. Then a single starts to perceive the sensitivity of the approach taken. « What does a kid require to feel at house? Freedom of movement, accomplished via ample spaces, fluid circulation for joyful enjoyable of all sorts, and the removal of barriers amongst public areas and household spaces.
In spite of the minimally furnished rooms, a monochromatic bias and the Sucupira floors throughout the residence, the decor comes across as anything but minimalist due to accents borrowed from classical architecture. Reinterpreted from a contemporary perspective, the coffered ceilings, theatrical openings in the passages and wide matt-white mouldings operating along the base of the silk-grey walls combine to develop a sense of elegance and harmony, but, surprisingly they bring comfort, also.
Right here and there, furtive splashes of colour add an indispensable touch of dissonance, significantly like grace notes in an overly serious score. Paintings strike some main chords. “There is one thing naive about them that I thought the youngsters could relate to,” explains Desjardins, a staunch advocate of art in design and style: “a touch of dreams and poetry.”

Design and style: Gestion René Desjardins
Photography: André Doyon

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