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30 Glowing Ceiling Designs with Hidden LED Lighting Fixtures

Modern hidden lighting fixtures function wonders. They bring originality and creativity into contemporary interior design and style, adding unique decorative elements to ceiling designs and enhancing room decor with softly glowing light. Hidden lighting fixtures stay invisible, creating majestic impact and brightening up contemporary interior design and style.

Hidden lighting that add mystery to glowing in the dark ceiling designs is a modern interior design trend that enables to add 3d effect to flat surfaces. Hidden lighting design can emphasize straight or curved boundaries of 3d ceiling styles, making fascinating effects and supplying gorgeous focal points of contemporary interior design and style.

Contemporary technologies enables to use flexible hidden lighting fixtures with eco friendly LED lights for decorating rounded ceiling designs and walls. New components support architects and interior designers to discover many possibilities for producing gorgeous ceiling styles that impress and delight.

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Modern ceiling designs with hidden LED lighting fixtures

living room ceiling design

Modern living room lighting concepts, ceiling style with hidden lighting

Polyurethane foam is a man-made material, used for ceiling styles with hidden lighting. Rooms with beautiful hidden lighting fell unusual and futuristic, creating intriguing and captivating modern interiors.

Fantastic for emphasizing architectural characteristics, illuminating interior design and style for holidays or generating intimate glow at evening, hidden lighting fixtures are a excellent way to add drama to ceiling designs.

bedroom lighting design

Contemporary bedroom lighting concepts, ceiling design with hidden lighting fixture

Flexible lighting fixtures are fixed to the wall, making 15 cm ( six inches) gap amongst the ceiling and lights. LED lights are equally spaces, generating pleasant soft glow.

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Bathroom decorating with gorgeous LED bathtub

A specific foil layer protects ceiling designs and hidden lighting fixtures from overheating, improving dispersion of light and general stunning illumination.

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Modern day interior style with lights that modify room colors like chameleons

kitchen ceiling lighting

Gorgeous kitchen lighting ideas, ceiling design and style with contemporary hidden LED lighting fixtures

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