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Light Sandstone House Style by MCK Architects, Luxurious Honiton Residence in Sydney

Old house remodeling and redesign project by Australian architects significantly transformed home exterior and interior design, making a luxurious residence the Honiton Residence in Bellevue Hill in a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

Vibrant colors are attractively blended with light sandstone, wood and marble textures, producing spacious and light house exterior design and interiors. Lots of sunlight and all-natural insulation, inventive space dividers and open design program make house interiors feel breezy and airy.

Neutral interior style colors, jazzed up with bold accents add distinctive character to this luxurious contemporary residence design. Contrasting textures of rough sandstone, smooth concrete, timber screens and Calacutta marble add chic to exclusive and eye-catching property exteriors and interior style.

Light sandstone house design and style

house exterior designWhite property exterior style

Modern home design and style description by the architects

A startling mix of Middle Eastern colours against perfect white gives this property its sense of luxury and tranquil liveability. The MCK renovation of a household residence in Bellevue Hill has transformed an Arts and Craft Movement residence into a pristine white canvas upon which bold textures speak. A brief client brief drove MCK’s method the owners of the six-bedroom residence complained the property was also massive. MCK saw an urgent need to have to re-type and reunite the interior spaces, whilst producing more of the in depth garden area, pool, and upper decks.

A new orientation of crucial living spaces was a crucial first step to maximising sunlight and organic ventilation. Connecting the formerly closed-off rooms was key to unlocking the home’s spaces and bringing about extremely usable and friendly living regions. External and internal blinds, as properly as sunshade awnings, had been employed to control exposure to the sunlight, while inside the house an open mezzanine has transformed the back hall into a functional focal point.

outdoor fireplace

The use of the large void to connect the kitchen, formal dining and living places gives harmony to after disparate rooms. Light and the fine handle of it additional enhances the mezzanine, making certain these spaces are inviting and useable at all times of the day. The interior is kept neutral with punches of colour utilised to add character and character. All more than the home the evocative contrast of intense textural supplies is a striking design and style feature. Rough sandstone plays off against smooth concrete, timber screens contrast against lush plants, jewel coloured tiles arranged in an Islamic fan pattern break up blocks of austere Calacutta marble.

living room design with large windows

A sandstone wall that ‘snakes’ its way through the constructing from inside to out, is a clever tactical and visual device, utilized to connect a variety of spaces. The light colour palette was chosen to complement the client’s extensive art and object collection. White paint was used on the walls and light or medium dark colours chosen for the flooring. In this way, a choice of modern finishes accent fittings, and fixtures along with bolts of hot orange, turquoise and cerise jump are permitted to leap out. In the dining space a custom-constructed screen among mirrors the exact pattern on the original stamped tin ceiling and acts as a decorative division among dining and living rooms.

wood dining furniture

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