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Casa La Atalaya by Alberto Kalach

The beach property of dreams rises in the type of cool concrete off the Pacific coast of California.  Casa La Atalaya by Alberto Kalach is a contemporary property spanning a group of terraced sections that face toward the rumbling sea beyond.  Although the exterior is bold and functional, the interior is decidedly comforting, with warm organic wooden accents that merge with the rock-colored concrete walls and ceilings.  Although the private sections of this residence are beautiful in their personal proper, the shared spaces like the game space, wine cellar, living rooms and outdoor patios make this property some thing unique.  This work by Alberto Kalach empraces the warm, organic really feel of stone and wood throughout its expanse.  It is hard to connect “contemporary” and “comfortable”, but Kalach succeeds in this amazing modern residence.

Architects: Alberto Kalach
Location: California, USA
Architects: Alberto Kalach, Adriana Leon, Emanuel Ramirez, Gustavo Lipkau
Lamb Project: 2008
Photographs: Yoshihiro Koitani
Project area: 1100. m2
Consultants: George Sultanyan Steven Learner Studio, Kent Horner
General contractor: Wardell Builders

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