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The Swedish stylist Hans Blomquist

I have a enormous style crush on Hans Blomquist, stylist, art director, and author.Whether or not he's getting moody or lighthearted, masculine or feminine, I get him. Correct down to the soles of my feet. 
I found him slowly, as I found myself drawn to images from various sources, all connected by one name - his. Infatuation. Then I ordered his book, The Organic Propertyand...enjoy. Admittedly, his book will not be for every person. If it is color and contemporary design and style that move you, his is not the book for you. But if you enjoy the moody, patinaed, textured, quirky and eclectic, with a distinctly European style, this book is most certainly for you.  What can I say? He's every little thing I hope for in a stylist.

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