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Seven Colour Upholstered Furniture Set with Glass Prime Cofee Table from Lubo Majer

Fabulous upholstered furniture set for living space that contains a colorful sofa, chair and glass prime coffee table amaze with vibrant colors and elegant simplicity of design. Unusual shape, combined with a set of upholstery fabrics in all rainbow colors make modern living space furniture design and style cheerful and very decorative.

Colorful living area furniture set is designed by Lubo Majer for DIZAJNO. Amazing living space furniture style appears pleased and bright, supplying a fabulous way to add fun to living room design and style and decorating. Distinctive and surprising modern furniture design concepts are fantastic for accentuating energetic room design and style.

The origin of this furniture style idea was light. Light consisting of colors. Colors are essential element of interior design and decorating that impact every day life of folks. Inspired by the shape of rainbow, the designer designed IRIS collection of fantastic upholstery furniture showing a great ability to cheer up any area.

Colorful modern day furnishings style suggestions

Contemporary dining tables from IL LOFT, distinctive furniture design ideas

Colorful contemporary furniture design and style tips and striped interior design trends

Contemporary chairs, colorful Ally collection by German designers

living room sofa with colorful stripes

Colorful stripes develop lovely living area sofa, contemporary furnishings upholstery fabrics in all rainbow colors

The striking living space furniture collection consists of seven components in different colors and the glass prime table reminiscent to slop of water in the rain. Upholstered components can be join collectively to develop massive furnishings.

Two or 3 chairs produce a living room sofa. Lovely furniture upholstery fabrics are combined with rigid frame and spring program in the sea. Higher top quality flexible  contemporary foam make living room furnishings products last lifetime, offering comfy seating and impressive design and style.

colorful upholstery fabrics

Living area sofa and chair, exclusive furnishings design and style concept

upholstered furniture for modern interiors

Colorful upholstered furnishings for contemporary interiors

glass top coffee table

Rainbow inspired glass top coffee table and uncommon living area sofa and chair in all rainbow colors

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