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Flip Down Window Blinds, Space Saving Laundry Area Tips

Flip down blinds Blindry makes drying laundry straightforward adequate without taking further space in modest rooms. Flip down blinds are wonderful little space notion, supplying a multitasking window blinds. Flip down window blinds easily turn into comfy drying racks each time you need them, adding far more functionality to your tiny rooms.

Sensible and contemporary flip down window blinds are space saving, appealing and functional laundry area decoration that enhances little laundry room design with simplicity and elegance. Flip down window blinds that can be transformed into an indoor laundry rack are fantastic eco friendly goods for green living.

Flip down window blinds Blindry are developed by Kim Bobin and Ko Kyungeun, winning a Red Dot Design Award for creative laundry room notion in the home furniture category and providing a hassle-free way of drying items.

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eco friendly laundry room design

Eco friendly laundry area notion, space saving interior window blinds that turn into laundry racks

These laundry racks, situated close to the windows, speed up the drying procedure. The simplicity, space saving and natural way of drying clothing are the greatest components of this new style idea for tiny laundry area style.

Even though you have laundry lying on the rack, you can not block the sun from the window, but it makes the drying process more rapidly and eco friendlier.

four simple laundry area decoration tips, eco style laundry room design

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This interesting space saving design and style that combines the simplicity and eco friendly approach, assists low the electrical energy bills and brings a contemporary flavor into little laundry style with a great notion for green living.

new design idea for laundry rack

Green design and style thought for modest rooms

Blindry blinds are an exciting and inspiring green design thought for producing small rooms, apartments and rented houses a lot more comfy and appealing.

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