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Dramatic Nature Inspired Furnishings Style Tips from French Designer Alexandre Daval

Nature inspired furnishings design concepts from Alexander Daval surprise and fascinate with dramatic contrasts. Giant iceberg, located in Scoresby Fjord in Greenland inspired a wall shelf that can be used as a home exterior decoration also. A terrifying eruption of a volcano inspired the designer to produce a stool with a soft and inviting cushion.

Spectacular and powerful organic events turn out to be inspirations for French designer Alexander Daval who develops original furniture pieces that manifest the organic energy and impress the viewers with special types and innovative mixture of material and colour. These furniture style symbolize and admire the power of the nature, producing exclusive furnishings products that look like artworks.

The small collection of designer furniture from Manifeste ™ look unusual and dramatic. White stool and shelf console are exclusive pieces for adding an artistic touch and drama to exterior or interior design.

Dramatic furnishings design

Pink Bomb Chair design for chic interior decorating

Beneath table and Back up Japan Table design and style concepts, the art of decor

Manifeste furnishings style by Alexandre Daval

unique furniture design italian

Unique furnishings design tips inspired dramatic organic events

Combining deadly hazardous events and surprising picturesque views, the designer bring these sturdy contrasts into contemporary furniture design, generating pieces that stand out.

The blend of soft and challenging components, the contrasts of white decorating colour and powerful design and style symbolize the harmony in nature and its dramatic transformation. Designer furniture items look virtually weightless and inviting, whilst surprising with versatile style, functionality and durability.

unique furniture design

White stool with luxurious soft cushion, special furniture style

white wall shelf console

White wall shelf console for interior decorating

unique furniture design

House exterior decoration, the art of decor

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