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three Bar Residence nestled on wooded California website

3 Bar Residence has been made by Aleck Wilson Architects as a modest new residence nestled on a wooded internet site in Larkspur, Marin County, California. The desire was to generate a simple modern property that emphasized efficiency of materials and space, although capturing the important elements of the site. This efficiency manifests itself in the compact two,000 square foot size, as properly as the straightforward use of materials such as the exposed framing and effective systems such as the hydronic heat. The parti was easy, to use two rectangular stucco volumes to frame an implied space between them which is the core of the property. This space is partially occupied by the dining room which is flanked on either side by a single sunny and 1 sheltered patio. The space is distinctive, with glass roll up garage doors to the two patios, producing the dining location a correct indoor/outdoor space when each are open. The dining table is on wheels, permitting it to be rolled onto an adjacent concrete patio as the household alternatively searches for sun or shelter. Large and strategically placed windows additional the connection to the landscape and visually extend essential views beyond the tiny size of the house.

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