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Straightforward and Lovely

Interior designer, blogger, stylist and owner of the on the web shop Moltaz Design, Henrick Eriksson has applied his design philosophy to his beautiful summer time home, a cottage dating from 1780. When he purchased it, its charming rough log walls and old oak floors had been — unbelievably — hidden behind plastic wallpaper and cork tiles respectively. Henrick also tackled low ceilings, lack of insulation and removed the gypsum plaster from the walls, taking them back to their original situation. Renovating the house bit by bit made it manageable within his busy function schedule — and the resulting style of the cottage is described by Henrick as 'New England with industrial touches'. As he functions with colour all day, Henrick deliberately chose a restful and neutral palette for his own space, concentrating on textures, form and components to hold it lively and intriguing.

Lovely. Much more right here on Bonytt.
(photography by per erik jæger)

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