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Recycling Plastic Bottle Caps for Colorful Residence Exterior Wall Decorating

Amazing colorful home exterior decorating transformed a little wooden property into a bright and appealing cottage. Recycling plastic bottle caps is a modern trend in art and crafts in eco style, but this house exterior decorating project is actually outstanding.

Recycling 30 000 plastic bottle caps for designing a masterpiece equivalent to mosaic is a way to demonstrate creatively and patience. Uncommon and colorful home exterior decorating added a neighborhood landmark to a rural village in Russia. The mosaic murals depict animal images and conventional ethnic motifs.

Colorful mosaic murals on exterior walls adorn the old home producing a fresh and cheerful look with stunning decoration patterns inspired by Russian embroidery. Created by Olga Kostina, colorful home exterior walls are a challenge to standard rural property design, that typically makes use of just wood and carved wood details for exterior wall decoration.

Artistic ways of plastic recycling

Artistic approaches to recycle bottle caps, recycled crafts for little ones

Plastic recycling for fences constructed of empty bottles

Plastic recycling for inexpensive house decorations created of plastic bottles

house exterior design

Unique residence exterior design, walls decorated with recycled plastic bottle caps

The owner of this modest house wanted to add colour with plastic mosaics and jazz up neutral color palette of traditional wooden properties. She collected colorful plastic bottle caps and hammer them to the walls in accordance with her favorite embroidery motifs and ethnic decoration patterns.

Different woodland creatures and pet pictures adorn the home exterior walls, making her residence look unique and artistic. The vibrant colour palette and unusual material produce an thrilling blend of design and style ideas that makes a statement of innovative method and sustainability.

cat image on exterior wall made with plastic bottle caps

Cat image on exterior wall created with recycled plastic bottles caps

Photographs by Ilya Naymushin

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