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Paper Hanger and Bag, Fun Sustainable Design Idea

Easy and inventive hanger and bag design works properly as a sustainable carry bag, providing a practical hanger also. The H+Bag style has a functional edge and combines the simplicity with green living and green design and style tips.

Shops give us attractively decorated carry bags, created of paper, which we use for bringing garments back residence. Adding a twist to the paper bags creates functional, light and eco friendly hangers, created of recycled paper, that are excellent for keeping clothing in residence closets.

This paper hanger bag is a excellent eco storage concept that are interesting and revolutionary. Easy and playful hanger bag design and style idea will be appreciated by adults and youngsters, and can be utilised for garments storage in eco residences and offices.

Eco friendly storage thought

recycling paper hanger bag

Recycling paper hanger bag, eco friendly products for storage in eco residences

Paper hanger bag H+BAG is a 2012 iF Style Talents Entry, developed by designer Hyo Jun Jeon.

Straightforward to use, light and sturdy, this hanger bag characteristics sustainable style and unpretentious appear, offering simple and exciting to use eco friendly goods for modern day eco properties.

sustainable design idea for eco homes and offices

Sustainable style for clothing storage

House organizing, French design and style inspiration for comfy fun storage concepts

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