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Cable Organizers and Tags, Special Home Decorating Suggestions

Cable organizers and tags are functional items that can be really decorative. Vibrant cable tags from designer Shahar Peleg and eye-catching cable organizers by designer .Daniel Ballou add an artistic touch to workplace interiors and make cable organization and property decorating far more intriguing.

Functional and decorative cable organizers are wonderful residence accessories that add comfort and enjoyable to house organization and workplace interior decorating. Funny cable tags The Mark Brothers generate cheerful and pleasant mood, even though bringing much more fun into house organization.

Wires with decorative cable tags, designed by designer Shahar Peleg, appear like residence decorations and can be left visible. Designer Shahar Peleg from design studio Peleg Style in Tel Aviv came up with a funny and appealing cable tags that appear like playing youngsters.

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Cable tags for residence organization

tags for electrical cables

The Mark Brothers are plastic cable tags that look like small men. They appear gorgeous on white cables. These cable tags support avoid the confusion and locate the right cable you want. Playful cable tag design and style will make everybody smile.

Funny, cute and functional, these decorative cable tags are valuable home accessories and great house organization thought. The tags can be attached to any common cable, adding humorous design and bright color to space decor.

tags in red color

The package contains five cable tags and cost about $ 12.

Cable organizers Energy Lines

Cable organizers Energy Lines by Californian designer Daniel Ballou, danielballou.com/ are exciting and decorative accessories that add eye-catching accents to workplace interior decorating.

cable organizers for office desk decorating

Cable organizers Energy Lines are ideal for these who are tired of cable clutter on their desktops and wants to organize electrical cords and cables although decorating area with meaningful design and style.

Inventive way to hide cables on wall, Picket Fence from Karl Zahn, cable organizers

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Creative cable organizers look like energy line towers and made of bent chromed wire. The miniature power line towers are functional and very decorative home accessories that develop an uncommon industrial landscape, even though beautifully decorating workplace desktops and assisting organize cables in sophisticated style.

home organizers and decorative accessories

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