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Shower in Living Area Bringing Ancient Tradition into Modern day Apartment Redesign

Shower design and style is drastically changed by removing walls and opening it to the living room. Unusual apartment renovating ideas, that produce walk-in and stroll-through shower style, came from situated in Madrid architectural firm Schneider Colao, inspired by Spanish home styles, common in Middle Ages.

White surfaces, all-natural components and airy really feel make this apartment renovation project desirable and modern. Marble and hardwood spread through the rooms bring contrasts and balance into modern apartment interiors.

The apartment is positioned on the third floor of a 19th century developing, and the architects have removed some of the original walls to produce larger interiors, bedrooms and a central living space.

Unique apartment concepts

shower design with wooden screens

Marble and wood shower in living room, distinctive apartment tips inspired by antique Spanish residences

Now a shower becomes a stroll-via passage which runs along the side of the living area, adding a lot more space to this open interior and connecting two bathrooms, located on opposite sides of the apartment. The privacy is supplied with sliding doors that can screen the walk-through shower style.

Traditionally numerous Moorish homes, frequent in Spain in 13 th and 16 th centuries, not limited to religious buildings, had a fountain for cleansing prior to entering a home or shop, stated architect Jesus Colao, to explain the idea behind this arrangement.The owners practice yoga and meditation. They wanted to basically define wet and dry locations, rather than really feel they were constantly getting into a diverse space.

terrace with marble floor and sink

Outdoor terrace with marble floor and sink, luxury apartment ideas

Marble floors, shower and sink surfaces can be discovered in every single of the wet areas, like a terrace with an outdoor sink at the rear of the apartment Hardwood floors in two bedrooms and softwood beams of ribbed ceiling styles in bathrooms balance interior design and give it a tranquil and peaceful feel.

Modern day house style with indoor garden, Broadway Penthouse renovation

Distinctive metal staircase style permits to add new bedroom to modest apartment

Stroll-in shower art, design for a lonely soul

Photographs by Diego Dominguez

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