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Stylish Kitchen Countertop Supplies, Modern day Kitchen Design Trends 2013

Contemporary kitchen design and style trends 2013 bring exciting countertop materials and their new combinations. Enriched with LED lights, recycled glass and stainless steel kitchen countertops are a single of the most spectacular contemporary kitchen design and style trends 2013.

Here is a exclusive collection of modern day kitchen design and style suggestions that demonstrate all these lovely countertop materials and assists choose your favourite contemporary kitchen style trend 2013, adding fashionable and functional operating surfaces to your kitchen interior.

Leading eight modern kitchen countertop materials include reclaimed wood and cork, soapstone and slate, recycled glass and quartz, decorative concrete and metal alloys, like stainless steel, bronze and brass. Modern kitchen countertops that combine glass and stainless steel appear particularly eye-catching, fresh and innovative.

Countertop supplies and kitchen design and style trends 2013

Prime 16 modern kitchen design and style trends 2013, kitchen furniture and decor

Prime eight modern kitchen design trends 2013, modern day kitchen interiors

glass and stainless steel kitchen island

Modern day kitchen design and style trends and counter prime materials, recycled glass and stainless steel mixture

1. Reclaimed wood kitchen countertops

Reclaimed wood is a well-known interior design and style and decorating material. all the buzz lately. Salvaged wood from older properties and barns is a distinctive, warm and lovely material that give your modern day kitchen design sturdy character and charming look.

Kitchen countertops style with reclaimed wood are eco friendly items, best for decorating eco properties and for all those who help green living concepts. If you are concerned about the atmosphere, modern kitchen countertops created of reclaimed wood is a way to practice green living and make your residence eco friendlier.

kitchen design trends 2013

Modern kitchen style trends 2013, reclaimed wood counter tops

two. Cork kitchen countertop design and style

Cork is a organic material that add the warmth of wood and revolutionary really feel to modern day kitchens. Cork countertop designs are unusual, versatile, dense, sturdy, mold-resistant, sound-decreasing and light, perfect for producing eco friendly goods for stylish and green houses.

Cork is a reinvented, sustainable material that can be properly utilised for exploring modern kitchen deisgn trends 2013 . Cork kitchen countertops are resistant to water and heat. Cork has anti-bacterial properties and gives modern kitchen design and style a modern flair.

kitchen design trends 2013

Cork kitchen counter leading design

three. Soapstone kitchen counter tops

Soapstone is a natural stone in gray and bluish gray colors that darken with age. Soapstone kitchen countertops look like produced of granite but the surfaces are softer, as the soapstone is composed from mineral talc. The mixture of talc and quarts enables to make strong and sturdy kitchen countertops, but they are not impervious to scratches, though they can be easily sanded. Soapstone kitchen counter leading styles add quite eye-catching, smooth and pleasant operating surfaces.

backsplash and counter top

Modern kitchen backsplash and counter leading styles created with soapstone

4. Slate kitchen counter prime styles

Organic slate is softer than granite but harder than marble. Slate counter leading designs feature a naturally uneven surface that adds to unique kitchen design and style and aesthetic appeal. Slate has a dull matte surface and can attractively complement and soften contemporary kitchen design with glossy cabinets and lighting fixtures. Slate kitchen counter prime designs are a sensible selection. They can be washed with soapy water.

white kitchen cabinet with light countertop and double sink

White kitchen cabinet with light stone counter best and double sink

5. Quartz kitchen countertops

Quartz is a natural material, hard, powerful and scratch resistant. Quartz kitchen counter prime designs are beautiful and practical kitchen design trends 2013. Simple to clean, quartz kitchen countertops are a fantastic option for busy, suffering a heavy traffic kitchen interiors. Quartz kitchen counter tops can be any color and shape, generating special modern kitchen design and style and offering a contemporary alternative to granite working surfaces.

contemporary kitchen island with sink

Contemporary kitchen island with quartz counter best and sink

six. Glass kitchen counter tops

Modern kitchen style trends 2013 bring LED lights into kitchen interiors. Recycled glass kitchen counter tops are eco friendly items that allow to create quite lovely, individual and spectacular kitchen decor, changing colors and mood in modern kitchens.

Glass kitchen counter tops are very decorative and available in several colors and designs. They enable to add beautiful decoration patterns and striking lighting to modern day kitchen design  that you will get pleasure from for many years. Glass kitchen counter tops are simple to clean, but require to apply a sealant every single year or two.

modern kitchen design trends

Modern day kitchen design trends 2013, recycled glass kitchen counter top with LED lighting

7. Modern day kitchen countertop designs made of alloys

Metal alloys, pewter, brass and bronze, are softer that stainless steel. Metal kitchen counter best will show nicks and dents, but nonetheless will showcase a beautiful look. Produced of metal alloys kitchen counter tops soften modern kitchen style, adding tender contrasts and gently emphasizing stylish components.

Pewter kitchen counter tops have muted dark silvery colour, best for conventional kitchen styles. Also these kitchen counter tops, bringing elegant neutral color tones into kitchen interiors, generate a good background for displaying kitchen decor in modern or eclectic style.

modern kitchen design trends

Metal kitchen counter leading, contemporary kitchen design and style trends

8. Decorative concrete

Modern kitchen countertops created of decorative concrete offer you strength, fashionable look and durability. These kitchen counter tops appear organic, making eco friendly and organic kitchen design and style. The surfaces are sealed which prevents staining, and they continue to look desirable for extended time, enhancing their look with age.

Decorative concrete kitchen countertops are accessible in any color, shape and style style. The sealer is not heat-resistant and hot pots and pans should not be placed straight on kitchen countertops produced of decorative concrete. Cutting boards need to be employed on concrete surfaces as chopping straight on these counter tops could harm the sealant.

wood kitchen island with shelves

Decorative concrete kitchen counter prime style

10 modern day kitchen design trends

Modern day kitchen color trends

Modern kitchen design and style trends 2012, redesigning kitchen interiors

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