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Pastel Blue and Green Colors Producing Tender and Airy Interior Decorating

Light pastel blue and green colors are exceptional for creating fresh and airy room decor. Light blue colour creates a calming and peaceful look, and green colors feel fresh and relaxing. Right here is a collection of interior decorating tips, developed by Historical Ideas, in collaboration with Steven Gambrel, www.srgambrel.com/

Gorgeous interior decorating with light pastel blue and green interior colors appears refreshing and inviting. Colorful, but relaxing, area decorating concepts really feel cool and stylish, providing a beautiful blend of blue-green colors, soften with pastel orange, purple and white tones.

Pastel blue and green colors and their harmonious combinations work well for designing a polished uptown duplex or a rambling nation residence, or interior decorating of a weekend beach house. Timeless and comfy interior decorating with pastel blue and green color combinations is sophisticated and gracious.

Light blue and green colors for tender interior decorating

Light blue and green colors soothing modern day interior decorating color combinations

Light blue bedroom colors, 22 calming bedroom decorating concepts

Light pastel blue and green colour mixture

green paint and blue pillows

Green paint, white and green stripes and blue-green pillows

Pastel blue-green colour combinations bring a pleasant feeling of serenity. Tender and soft, light pastel blue and green colors are usually linked with water and outdoor scenes.

Utilizing aqua, teal or other blue-green color shades and combining them with soft orange, purple, pink and yellow and white tones make your property a welcoming haven right after a long day of perform, college or play.

green paint and colorful pillows in pastel colors

White and green striped fabric and colorful pillows in pastel colors

Matching interior decorating color combinations

Light blue and green colors are versatile and easy to perform with. It is not tough to locate matching interior decorating colors to enhance the existing space decor in blue and green. Employing a couple of simple interior decorating guidelines will assist you with your color combination selections.

Light blue-green color schemes, modern day bedroom colors

Blue-green interior colour schemes, living space decorating ideas

Light gray, peach tones, soft orange, purple and off-white color tones will coordinate beautifully and boost the calming effect blue and green colors will have in your room. Softening shades of pale yellow, off white or mint green accentuate the blue-green colour combinations and give your room decor a delicate, fresh appear. Making use of neutral colors with blue and green colour shades give interior decorating concepts an sophisticated and tranquil really feel.

pastel blue and green paint and colorful floor rug

Pastel blue and green interior paint for wood furnishings decoration, colorful floor rug in pastel orange, purple, white and yellow colors

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