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Modern day Lighting Fixtures Bringing Stylish Ropes into Interior Decorating

Modern day table lamp Crease from young French lighting designer Simon Naouri looks like light caught in a sack. This simple and stylish table lamp looks uncommon and give a playful accent to interior decorating. The elegant white china lamp is functional also, featuring a practical lighting style that can be effortlessly cleaned.

Original lighting design appear beautiful in any area. Crease table lamp, www.simonnaouri.com/ is excellent for informal interior style and decorating. Fine china that mimics white cloth and a leather cord that looks like a rope make a excellent combination that creates a very realistic lighting fixture design.

Adjustable cord length and white color make this contemporary lighting fixture suitable for decorating side tables and desk tops, adding a unique accent and interesting style to modern interior style and decorating.

sack shaped light ficture

White cloth sack shaped lighting fixture, table lamp Crease

German lighting designer Christian Haas, www.christian-haas.com/ shows how to tie a knot with a beam of light, weaving macrame decorations with flexible contemporary lights. Ordinary ropes and cables are transformed into remarkable macrame designs, enhanced and highlighted with LED lights for producing stunning Rope Light collection.

These amazingly expressive and impressive lighting fixtures offer soft, gentle illumination, adding glow to interior decorating and producing cozy and romantic atmosphere. Rope designs with LED lights are flexible and permit to produce beautiful combinations for any interior, commercial or residential.

contemporary lighting fixtures

Contemporary lighting fixtures made of rope and led lights, hanging lights with macrame patterns

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