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Humorous Food Miniatures from Terry Border Make Everybody Smile

Food miniatures from Terry Border can inspire your style suggestions that will delight your little ones. Utilizing ordinary objects for extraordinary design takes creativity and patience. Cute food miniatures may encourage little ones to eat wholesome meals they may dislike, and add fun to table decoration for holidays or specific events.

An American artist and sculptor did not hesitate to bring household objects and food to life, displaying distinct feelings, achievement and disappoint and making superb miniatures that people can relate to and appreciate.

Inventive table decorations and food installations are fantastic trends allowing to experiment with familiar objects and favorite meals. Meals miniatures from Terry Brown generate funny scenes, bringing smiles, adding good feelings and improving mood.

Edible flowers, table decoration and food presentation

Chocolate mustache, humorous gifts and food design and style ideas for table decoration

strong muffin

Robust muffin, creative meals character can add fun to table decoration

Terry Border makes use of meals, cups, flower pots and numerous other household objects that surround us in each day life. Each and every of his characters have hands and legs produced of metal wire and play roles in humorous scenes that reflect our life.

Artist Terry Border is a single of these individuals who can take any object and turn it into a funny character, enjoying original and clever thoughts behind it.

dancing cup cake

Dancing cup cake, humorous meals design and style idea and edible decoration

His artworks can be enjoyed by every person at any age. His hilarious characters from the Bent Objects collection are wonderful and entertaining.

Food designs, nature, talent, sensation and action ingredients

New life to music records and innovative chocolate treat design and style concepts

raisin and grapes

Raisin and grapes, funny miniature

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