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Beautiful Little Bathroom Design and style with Penny Tiled Floor, DIY Bathroom Tips

Little bathroom design can bering inventive, unusual and thrilling ideas. Brian Quinn shared his beautiful little bathroom style with the big wall mirror, contemporary lighting, lovely wooden sink vanity and penny tiled floor, that develop an appealing contrast with white wall paint and white bathroom fixtures.

The vinyl was striped off the original small floor tiles, and the floor was cleaned with a paint stripper and then painted with some leftover paint. Pennies were placed on the floor and glued to the surface. A clear coat of epoxy was applied to feel the gaps among pennies, sealing them and making a smooth floor surface, which is uncommon and desirable.

This really small bathroom now looks stylish, luxurious and quite exciting. Bathroom remodeling, adding contemporary lighting, huge wall mirror and bathroom sink, getting rid of an old vinyl floor and bringing wood into the area turned  the modest bathroom into an sophisticated and cozy retreat.

Metal tiles contemporary curve

Onyx slate tiles for tiny bathroom styles, contemporary bathroom floor tiles

Small bathroom floor tiles

penny tiled floor

Penny tiled bathroom floor, tiny bathroom decorating tips

The original bathroom floor tiles have been in extremely bad condition, and the floor was leveled out with a quick dry concrete mix and painted dark gray color.

Pennies, utilized as a floor tiling material, substantially transform the way the little bathroom looks. The little bathroom design, like penny tiled floor, is by a professional interior designer Laura Quinn, www.happyroost.com

small bathroom before remodeling

Tiny bathroom with vinyl floor prior to remodeling

modern bathroom design after remodeling

Contemporary bathroom design and style with penny tiled floor after remodeling

Penny tiled floor is a unique and inventive DIY little bathroom decorating project that price only $ 150.

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