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Adjustable and Transportable Sunshade Design and style Reinventing Backyard Pergola

A modern sunshade is reinventing conventional backyard pergolas and gazebo shades, combining the functionality with adjustable style, and permitting to move this structure anywhere your need to have to use it. Assembled with tiny components, sunshade Shade delivers flexibility and comfort beyond

Developed by Ohad Lustgarten, uncommon sunshade structure look very contemporary, exciting and desirable, providing a great outdoor shelter. This innovative sunshade design, inspired by classic backyard pergolas, changes its form from round to curvy and spiral, and shows a comprehensive new design and style, enabling to bring more comfort to outside living spaces.

Fashionable look and light style make this sunshade is versatile, comfy and desirable. It is a transportable structure, suitable for any backyard design or public regions.

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Versatile modern sunshade

round sunshade design

Round sun shade design, transportable structure

It is developed for bringing shade to mountain tops and hiking trails, pool patios and parks. Fantastic in a desert or on a windy ocean expense, this original and impressive sunshade style can adore private backyards also.

The sunshade is an exceptional retreat, supplying a protection from heat and wind. Modern design and style and spiral shape add interest and give a futuristic touch the sunshade structure.

curved sunshade design

Curved sunshade design and style, adjustable structure

The wonderful thing about this innovative sunshade design and style is that the structure is light adequate to be moved from location to location. The design is adjustable and can cast a adequate shadow any time of the day.

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Unusual and impressive sunshade style shows great possible, bringing thrilling possibilities to produce gorgeous areas to cool down, relax or entertain.

large sunshade design in spiral shape

Revolutionary sunshade design reinventing pergolas and gazebos

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