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Modest House Design and style with Huge Window Seat, Andrews Property by Australian Architects

Stunning tiny home style appears contemporary, far more functional and comfortable with a beautiful and uncommon addition, – a big window with a comfy window sill seat in a dining room, designed by Carter Williamson Architects, based in Sydney, Australia.

This tiny residence architecture and contemporary interior design and style are defined by the idea of bringing far more natural light inside. Appealing and functional residence style suggestions, like unique, the wide and comfortable window sill and opposite wall design and style, make this tiny house feel welcoming and protected, fascinating and vibrant.

The large window with wide and comfortable window sill, created by Carter Williamson Architects, www.carterwilliamson.com/ is the most surprising and inspiring concept for modest property redesign project. Mirrored panels employed for the kitchen wall design just improve the effect, generating a garden like atmosphere and producing more spacious living space.

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Big window seat design in dining room

wide window seat design

A big window connects house interiors with the nature, substantially transforming the dining space decorating. A wide window sill design adds a comfy window seat design and style, providing a good location for relaxation, knitting or reading and delivering more seats for massive loved ones gatherings.

The massive window design looks like a glass wall that bring lots of organic light into the dining room and kitchen, creating much more spacious and pleasant interior style. The wide window seat design with functional and decorative pillows, combined with a big dining table appear harmonious and inviting.

house exterior with wide window frame

Inspired of small spaces, this home style really feel airy and breezy, simply because of a distinctive window style that supplies the pleasant view of trees in contemporary containers.

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Modern interior design and style in minimalist style is creatively blended with organic components and a classic window seat design that adds a cozy and warm accent to dining area decorating.

white kitchen cabinets

Comfortable furnishings in classic style and relaxing interior design and style colors generate pleasant atmosphere. Natural wood floor and window style, combined with white-blue interior design and style color scheme really feel peaceful and calming.

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Sliding doors to the patio is another excellent concept that adds far more comfort and functionality to this little home design.

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