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How To Revive A Tired Kitchen On A Modest Spending budget

Even the greatest kitchens begin to appear tired soon after a lot of years of faithful service, so do not feel bad if the shine has gone off yours. The worktops become dull from years of chopping and scrubbing, and the doors sag as the hinges show indicators of strain. There are two alternatives accessible to you match a brand new kitchen or renovate your old 1. If you don’t have the funds for a new installation, you have come to the correct location. We are going to explore approaches to revive a tired kitchen on a modest spending budget. It’s less difficult than you think.
The Doors And Drawers

Have the cabinet doors and drawer fronts suffered from harm more than the years? Don’t worry, there is no want to replace the cabinets too. Most of them are a standard size, and you can acquire replacements. It is an perfect opportunity to make your kitchen appear completely various to how it did ahead of. The fronts in numerous modern day kitchens come without having handles. They are push to open, and push to close. It is all down to the hinges and catches your new doors will have no holes for handles, so you do not have to match them unless you choose to.

The drawers are effortless to fix, but you will need to have a special drill bit to create holes so that you can recess the hinges into the doors. They are inexpensive and obtainable from all DIY retailers.

The Worktops

When you have fixed the doors, turn your interest to the worktops. Pop along to your neighborhood timber yard to see what they have in stock. Most of them are a standard 600mm wide, but they come in a variety of thicknesses. I discover that the thicker the counter, the a lot more robust it looks.

Undo the screws from beneath the old worktops and lift them out of the way. Do not dispose of them however even though, they will act as templates for the new ones, so that you will achieve a ideal fit. Place your new tops on the floor and lie the old ones on top of them. Utilizing a pencil, draw around the old counters. You have to now cut the new ones to size making use of the appropriate tools. You might need a hand saw, circular saw, and jigsaw to shape a new piece. When it is prepared, mount it on the cupboards and repair it in location.


Replace the tile splashback in your kitchen with new. Use a hammer and bolster chisel to get rid of the old tiles and repair any harm to the wall with plaster. I hope your tiling capabilities are up to scratch since your perform will be on view for all the globe to see. Take your time and do an outstanding job.


Set up some new LED light fittings below the wall cupboards. They supply an efficient activity lighting answer and make the spot appear warm and cosy in the evenings. Employ an electrician to do the job if needed you shouldn’t mess with electricity unless you are certified to do so.

You will only require to spend a tenth of the expense of a new kitchen to revamp your old one particular. I consider you will agree with me that is a bargain. Appear out for much more of my wisdom it could save you a fortune in the future.

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