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Distinctive Wall Decorations, Knitted Credit Cards for Modern day Wall Decoration

Knitted wall decorations, furniture and lighting are modern interior design and style trends that are thrilling and whimsical. Knitted credit cards by designer Dimitry Tsykalov appear like modern art functions, but can be used for extravagant wall decoration.

Knitted wall decorations are a way to add special products, inspired by ancient crafts and old traditions, to contemporary interior decorating and produce a beautiful focal points of interior design that feels surprising and unusual.

Knitted decorative accessories, wall decorations, furnishings upholstery fabrics and lighting designs really feel soft and familiar, bringing coziness and country house charm into modern interiors.

four basic empty wall decoration suggestions that declutter your house interiors

Knitted and crocheted accessories, handmade table decorations

hanging wall decorationHanging wall decoration, knitted credit card

Remarkable knitted wall decorations, inspired by credit cards, adds a splash of colour and an unexpected decorating theme to room decor, offering artworks for special and artistic interior decorating.f

Knitted credit cards are exciting wall decorations for office interiors, banks, restaurants and bars that evoke a variety of emotions and make walls appear expressive.

hanging wall decorationsHanging wall decorations, knitted credit card for unique, surprizing and contemporary wall decor

Knitted house accessories, wall decorations, furniture upholstery fabrics and lighting designs, developed by talented decorators and designers, are excellent inspirations for craft projects for those who like to knit.

The exciting of decluttering and organizing closets

Knitted clock covers, white wall decorations

Something can inspire creative individuals. Making use of little yarn balls left following making socks, scarves or sweaters you can design special wall decorations and tiny accessories, decluttering your property and making interior decorating far more colorful and individual.

american flag knitted wall decorationAmerican flag on credit card, handmade wall decoration

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