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Old Farmhouse Redesign, Modern day Home with Old Wood Ceiling

Old farmhouse redesign is a complex task which can be much more difficult than modern day residence style and creating. Farm house redesign and renovation project by Propeller Z Architectur drastically transformed an old creating, saving its wooden roof and ceiling structure and turning the developing into a modern day property.

Farmhouse redesign and renovation project by Austrian architects from Propeller ZArchitectur, www.propellerz.at/ saved the charming atmosphere of and old farmhouse and created a spacious nation property and pleasant retreat with big windows and welcoming, simple and modern interior design.

The farmhouse, built 200 years ago, appears modern and stylish. Impressive house exterior design is combined with old classic ceiling and stone wall styles, creating an desirable blend of old traditions and modern residence design concepts.

Contemporary residence design with staircase fireplace

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modern house with large windows

Wooden roof structure, old beams, stone walls and basic interior design and style reflect the history, celebrating the beauty of old constructing strategies. The modern house design retained the old farmhouse spirit, while delivering the contemporary level of comfort and supplying a peaceful atmosphere of countryside living.

The cottage is located in Fahndorf, Austria and is surrounded by green fields and trees. Huge windows with beautiful views of a countryside invite the nature inside the property and develop the harmony with peaceful surroundings.

old wood ceiling design and stone walls

New additions to this farmhouse make this modern day home appear fresh and modern with out losing the connection with its history.

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Spacious cottage in Czechia, contemporary homes

Firewood stacked against the exterior wall, a conventional way of  maintaining wood for fireplaces and wood stoves in old European villages, add special character and countryside charm to modern property design.

old wood ceiling design

Farmhouse redesign particulars

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