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Modern Lantern LampeH by Mathieu Azema, Modern Lighting Design and style Idea

The contemporary lantern designed by Mathieu Azema reminds of classic lanterns or kerosene lamps that individuals have been making use of for centuries. Lampe H is a modern lighting style that is fnctional, straightforward to use and easy.

This contemporary lantern appears light and easy to use, but an open bulb demands much more protection whilst employing the lamp and changing a bulb. This inventive and artistic lighting design is an fascinating concept for establishing much more practical transportable lamps.

Sophisticated modern lighting design, inspired by standard lanterns has a retro style flavor, that make the lighting design feel familiar, but fresh, connecting generations and blending old and new types.

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modern lighting design ideaModern lantern, modern day lighting style concept

Black and yellow, green or pink colour combinations appear fascinating and stylish, balancing basic lighting design.

A straightforward knob activates  the on/off  button, which enhance the functionality of this modern lighting design idea.

portable light in black and yellow colorsModern portable light in black and yellow colors

Distinctive lighting Lampe H is lightweight and comfrtable ro carry anyplace with its thin extended manage. This contemporary lighting design idea is intriguing and creative, supplying modern lighting style that can be employed as a ceiling light for a covered deck or a hanging lamp in a gazebo.

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modern lighting design inspired by lanternContemporary lighting design inspired by traditional lanterns in a variety of colors

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