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Green Creating Concepts, Green Cast Design by Kengo Kuma

Green developing concepts reflect contemporary architectural and interior style trends, blending modern architecture with nature and reconnecting people with the organic planet. Green Cast is a green creating with plants expanding on its walls created by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

Green constructing concepts from Kengo Kuma and Associates, kkaa.co.jp/ include adding green plants to the existing walls of this contemporary home to recover the spot and making a special pattern and new components with green bushes for impressive, desirable and eco friendly home exterior style.

Green developing with plants expanding on its faceted wall presents the interaction of the nature with modern architecture and supplies more comfy and pleasant environment for people inside, making a universally attractive appear.

eco friendly house designEco friendly property design, green constructing with plants in wall containers

The faceted wall with green plants adds distinctive house style and surface texture to the way the street appears, creating a harmonious blend of modern architecture and organic atmosphere, mixing man-created components and organic types, created by the nature.

This green developing is situated near the train station in Odawara, Japan. The ground floor functions transparent walls with glass doors. The very first floor facilitates a clinic and pharmacy whilst the upper floors are utilised for offices.

modern houses with wall gardenModern green developing with wall garden

Green developing grows plants using decayed styrene kind on the walls. The planters are comprised of aluminium panels, produced in mono-block casting. Every panel is slanted, and plant containers seem to be organic, blending well with green plants.

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Watering hoses, air reservoir for ventilation and downpipes are installed behind the aluminum panels so that the front wall can accommodate an entire program for this green constructing.

green plants growing on building wallGreen plants growing on green creating wall

The pipes deliver rain water to the aluminum die-cast containers for plants, maintaining the green building structure organic, alive and appealing.

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modern architectural design with wall gardenEco friendly modern day architectural design and style, green building with plants expanding in wall containers

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