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Canadian House with Dramatic View Terraces by Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative

This Canadian residence is positioned in Calgary. Spacious and fashionable property interiors and impressive exterior style develop a gorgeous contemporary house for a family members with handful of big terraces, like on the property roof, and dramatic views of the Rocky Mountains.

Functional layout, spacious interiors, comfy storage style concepts and straightforward decor are perfect for warm and cozy interior decoraitng or property staging that show the full potential of contemporary property design and style by Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative, www.the-mbac.ca/.

The Maddock Home design delivers large terraces with amazing view of the city center and the Rock mountains, massive windows, spacious kitchen design with a cozy breakfast nook, traditional fireplace with a lovely wooden shelf and cabinets on the wall decorated with all-natural stone, warm house interiors with wooden beams, solid wood door and window frame and desirable wood furnishings.

modern house with rooftop terraceModern residence desgn with rooftop terrace ad gorgeous view

Modern residence design description by the architects

This style, developed for a family members of 4, creates a series of sophisticated relationships among interior and exterior space. Crucial to the design is the embracing of the dramatic views to the Rocky Mountains and the city centre to the west. In order to boost this useful web site amenity, the social spaces on all levels are wrapped around view terraces with expansive floor to ceiling glazing.

Each the Living Space and the Kitchen wrap around a south-west facing courtyard that seamlessly facilitates socializing with family members and friends. Outside fireplaces, situated in the courtyard and on an upper level view terrace, allow the clients to extend their use of the exterior spaces into the fall and spring transitional seasons.

canadian homeCanadian property with handful of huge terraces and stone patio

The design and style utilizes stone cladding on the major level as an critical conceptual gesture that integrates the landscape into the interior spaces of the residence. This is carried out through the extension of landscape walls. The stone walls define contained exterior spaces that give the home with varying levels of privacy and amenity.

kitchen with large windowsModern kitchen style with large windows and breakfast nook

The prime two floors are clad in stained wood, feature glazing and sun shading to help passive solar obtain, and all-natural lighting and ventilation.

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