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Steel Cabin Style by Olson Kundig Architects, Modern day Houses

Unique steel cabin in the woods The Delta Shelter is designed by Olson Kundig Architects, an srchitectural style studio in Seattle. 1,000 square foot cabin is situated in Mazama in the Methow Valley of the Methow River in Washington, USA.

The cabin rises above the flood plain adjacent to the river, delivering beautiful views of the picturesque hills and forest. Easy and spacious modest residence style by Olson Kundig Architects, www.olsonkundigarchitects.com/ is a wonderful retreat for nature lovers.

Compact and straightforward to keep, steel cabin delivers a fantastic place for gathering with friends, having fun and resting after adventurous trips in the mountains. Powerful and durable small home style supply pleasant interiors decorated with wood.

Steel cabin design

small house design

Modest home design, box-like cabin

House design description from architects

This 1,000 square-foot cabin is basically a steel-clad box on stilts that can be totally shuttered when the owner is away. The 200 square-foot footprint of the home rises above a 40-acre, one hundred-year flood plain adjacent to the Methow River. The verticality, coloring and raw nature of the materials used for building straight respond to the wildness of the setting. The owner sought a compact, simple to preserve, practically indestructible developing to house himself and his pals for entertaining and adventure in the mountains. With an exterior of steel, the house is virtually indestructible.

The cabin is composed of three levels: the lowest level is half carport, half utility/storage area the middle level consists of the entry, two tiny bedrooms and bathrooms the top level is one particular massive space which involves living, dining and cooking areas. Cantilevered steel decks extend from the top and middle levels and supply space for outside sleeping and entertaining.

metal and wood for interior design

Metal and wood for cabin interior design and style

The cabin is supported by four steel columns. Floors are 3” x 6” tongue-and-groove wood automobile-decking, and exterior wood infill walls are clad in 16-gauge, hot-rolled steel sheets with exposed steel fasteners. Most of the structure, including the steel structure, roof panels, shutters, and stairs, was prefabricated off-website, thereby lowering on-site waste and internet site disruption.

rustic cabin

Cabin interiors, little home design and style

Due to prefabrication and the use of plywood for all interior surfaces, common building wastage was kept to a minimum. Aside from building as modest a structure as attainable and limiting the influence on the landscape, Delta Shelter’s most distinctive sustainable strategy was to be in a position to open the structure to the environment and to use human energy as the signifies to do it.

wooden walls

Wooden walls, straightforward interior style

All four shutters, which measure 10’ x 18’, can be opened and closed simultaneously by making use of a hand wheel that moves the shutters over the glazed portions of each fa├žade. The shutters are operated by a series of mechanical devices including a hand wheel, drive shafts, u-joints, spur gears and cables. All windows are operable. No air conditioning is incorporated in the project.

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