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Easter Ideas and Exclusive Gifts, Egg Shell Carving Styles and Residence Decorations

Creative Easter concepts and unique gifts make this gorgeous spring holiday even far more unique and interesting. Wonderful egg shell carving designs turn empty egg shells into lovely house decorations that are ideal for Christmas and Easter house decorating.

Eggs are meaningful Easter decorations, and incredible egg shell carving styles add the warmth of skilled hands to these beautiful symbols of life. Stunning residence decorations created of empty egg shells make wonderful eco gifts for Easter and Christmas, birthdays and unique family events, symbolizing the new beginning, harmony and happiness.

Modern artists who create striking egg shell carving designs are Lew Jensen, Don Lisk, Gary LeMaster and Brian Bayti. Their egg shell carving patterns appear just amazing, demonstrating outstanding craft skills, fantastic patience and incredible abilities to develop a fragile structure of such a brittle material like egg shells.

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Modern artists meticulously and gently blow out the egg liquid, completely wash and dry empty egg shells and draw the egg shell carving pattern with a pencil.

This outline drawing aids to produce intricate egg shell carving designs that delight and turn empty egg shells into fantastic home decorations or art masterpieces.

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Egg shell carving designs vary in  difficulty levels and can be produced on huge ostrich eggs or tiny chicken and duck egg shells.

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