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Easter Eggs Decoration Ideas, 25 Creative Techniques to Dye Easter Eggs

There are numerous ways to dye Easter eggs and produce colorful and uncommon, artistic or basic Easter eggs for spring holiday table decoration. Easter eggs are specific eggs that are meaningful and symbolic table decorations, food and gifts that are frequently given to celebrate Easter.

Easter Eggs decorating is the oldest tradition. Dyed or painted chicken eggs look vibrant and cheerful, producing optimistic and festive table decoration.

Modern day custom is to use chocolate eggs or plastic Easter eggs decorations filled with confectionery such as jelly beans, but dyed chicken eggs is a way to preserve ancient traditions alive.

15 Easter tips, spring holiday table decoration with napkins and rings

Easter egg decorations and table centerpieces, 15 inventive Easter tips

floral table centerpiece with egg shells and spring flowersFloral table centerpiece with Easter eggs and spring flowers

Easter eggs decorating concepts

1. A rapid way to dye Easter eggs in yellow and brown colors is using onion husks. Easter eggs decorating with onion husk generate uneven pattern in golden yellow to reddish-brown colour shades.  The color depends on the quantity and sort of onion husk.

two. Food colors can be utilised for Easter eggs decoration also.

marbled easter eggsMarbled Easter eggs in brown colors, creative table centerpiece concept

three. All-natural food is fantastic for Easter eggs decorating. Add a teaspoon of vinegar to water. Boil eggs 15 minutes with natural coloring additives. Light red dye is created with beets or blueberries. Onion husk produces orange and brown colors. Oranges or lemons and carrots give yellow and orange colors.

Eco friendly Easter eggs decoration with natural colors

Natural dues for eco friendly Eater eggs decorating

Turmeric roots and walnut shells are yellow dyes. Spinach leaves, and green apples are green dyes. Blue Easter eggs can be designed with red cabbage leaves. Coffee adds beige and light brown color tones to eggs shells. If you leave eggs in the refrigerator overnight, the colour will be brighter.

table decoration in blue and green colorsEaster tale decoration in blue and green colors, creative way to dye Easter eggs

4. Speckled Easter eggs can be created with rice. Roll wet eggs in dry rice, wrap them in cheesecloth, tie ends and boil in water with your favourite Easter eggs dye.

easter eggs decorating with floral designsEaster eggs decoration with leaf and floral patterns

5. Coloring marbled Easter eggs is easy and simple. Use threads for these lovely and creative Easter eggs decoration concepts.

Shamrock Easter table centerpieces

Egg shell and flower table centerpiece suggestions for eco friendly Easter decorating

6. Adding leaf design is one particular of the most spectacular methods of Easter eggs decorating. You can use interesting little leaves in distinct shapes and sizes, such as herbs leaves. Attach them to the eggs, wrap and tie tightly to maintain leaves on locations. Leaf patterns are beautiful nature inspired and symbolic Easter eggs decoration tips that develop wonderful styles for spring holiday table.

white and marbled easter eggsWhite and marbled Easter eggs patterns, colorful table decoration for spring holiday

Ester eggs for table decoration

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