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Metal Singing Bowls for Space Clearing, Feng Shui Tips to Attract Great Luck

Singing bowls are gorgeous home accessories and Feng Shui cures. Singing bowls are functional and decorative accessories that add exotic flavor of oriental home decorating to modern room decor and provide outstanding tools for space clearing and bringing balance and harmony into residence interiors.

Singing bowls can be made of gold, silver, iron, copper, tin, zinc and lead with represent the sun, moon and other planets of our galaxy. The right mix of metals generates a negativity piercing rythm for space clearing, moving the stangnant energy, clearing the space of damaging energy and bringing balance into home interiors.

Acoording to ancient Feng Shui, singing bowls generate the rythm that scares away all the evil spirits and ghost as they can't tolerate particular resonance levels. Singing bowls are still broadly employed in Tibet for space clearing.

Feng Shui and clutter, space clearing

Feng Shui houses, preparing for Chinese New Year celebrations

Singing bowls for space clearing to Feng Shui houses

metal bowls, home accessories for oriental decoratingUnique oriental home accessories, singing bowls for space clearing to Feng Shui homes

For basic and effective space clearing, singing bowls are struck with a mallet, and then rubbed around the rim with a playing mallet to produce a fascinating blend of harmonic resonances and wealthy overtones.

Feng Shui guidelines for space clearing

When we feel that the energy in our spaces is stagnant, adverse, sick and stale, it indicates undesirable energy creates blockages and difficulties in our life. Space clearing purifie and Feng Shui residences to bring back very good luck into our lives.

metal singing bowl to feng shui home designSimple metal singing bowl, Feng Shui cure

An old residence without renovations suffers from weak power. Space clearing when undertaken can eliminate negative energy and attract fortune, generating occupants happier.

Space clearing creates lightness and relaxing atmosphere. Space clearing is a swift and effective way to Feng Shui residences and bring new possibilities and immediate very good luck.

Singing bowls balance undesirable Feng Shui with no changing your house style, temporarily removing negativity, bad luck and creating excellent energy that brings new opportunities.

Singing bowls and space clearing tradition Feng Shui houses or offices, and make them more inviting to clientele, supporters and close friends. Human automatically keep away from places that have uncomfortable energy. Space clearing transform the energetic atmosphere.

Singing bowls for space clearing assist to begin a new year, new life, project, organization and profession, offering a way to Feng Shui for wealth your house and office interiors. When you are facing many issues and do not know what had gone wrong with the feng shui of the property, singing bowls help clear your spaces, removing bad luck, according to ancient Feng Shui masters.

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Singing bowls are exceptional decorative accessories for those who are busy with life and can't be bothered with acquiring monthly cures in different sections of the home. Monthly space clearing with a singing bowl cures all damaging changes and take away the stagnant energy from your property.

metal singing bowls, feng shui curesMetal singing bowls for space clearing

Space clearing with a singing bowl

1. Hold the bowl sitting on the cushion with one particular palm and the wood mallet with yet another hand and get calm. Strike the singing bowl 3 instances on the perimeter. The bowl starts to vibrate after the striking.

two. Produce the continuous sound by rubbing the mallet against the edge of the perimeter of the bowl, moving clockwise. You need some practice to make this operate perfectly.

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three. Space clearing is greatest accomplished in the morning following 7 am till 1pm. The strongest hour to Feng Shui houses is at 12 noon. Clean your property and take a bath, put on some clean clothes before conducting the space clearing.

4. Carry with you the mystic knot or wear the Dzi bead for protection throughout the space clearing.

5. Open up all the windows and doors, allowing fresh air, sunlight and energy enter and flow by means of your house or workplace.

striking singing bowl for space clearingSpace clearing with a singing bowl

six. Turn on all lights and fans to produce and stimulate yang power. Light up a candle, a sandalwood incense ingot on the incense dish and bring this dish about the spaces you want to clear. The aroma and smoke of the sandalwood pierce by way of every corner of the spaces, removing negativity and clearing spaces.

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