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Large Wall Clock with Stuffed Animals by Lindsten Kind Studio, Cool Children’s Wall Clocks

Omoha childrens wall clocks are made with modest soft toys and a transparent shell, offering a great style idea for decorating kids rooms. The large wall clock is the outcome of all these stuffed animals that the designer encountered everywhere, in the claw machines, on bags, jackets and cell phones. How many animals can a particular person collect over a lifetime?

The notion of these big wall clocks is primarily based on an incredible inspirational style notion. Soft Toy wall clock from Swedish Lindsten Type Studio, www.lindstenform.com/ is a creative, optimistic and meaningful reflection of the thoughts of modern way of life.

Bright and eye-catching huge wall clocks symbolize the fun and happiness, bringing smiles and adding a special flavor to decorating kids rooms in playful and original style.

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Large wall clock produced with soft toys

large wall clock made with kids toysMassive wall clock produced with soft toys, creative design and style idea to reuse and recycle kids toys

Big wall clocks produced with soft toys and transparent plastic shells are wonderful style concepts to reuse and recycle toys we have at home.

Souvenirs from trips and presents, – little and middle size soft toys can be used for exciting diy projects and creating unusua and colorful big wall clocks for decorating youngsters rooms.

diy large wall clock made of toysInventive childrens wall clocks for decorating youngsters rooms

These attractive and extremely decorative wall clocks can brighten up not only your kids rooms, but complement any bedroom or family room decor, adding a surprising style to wall decoration.

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If you can find clear plastic shells, make holes for the clock mechanisms and gather handful of soft toys, you can design and style bright and cheerful decorative wall clocks for your youngsters rooms. Straightforward transparent plastic bowls might operate well for these cool childrens wall clocks.

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