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Zjedzony Chair Design and style, Food Inspired Modern Furnishings

This modern day chair style from Poland is inspired by and appears like a banana. Luxurious and soft chair style brings original aesthetic and functionality into room decor, providing a comfy shape and a cheerful color combination.

Modern chair design by WamHouse continues the tradition of generating food inspired modern day furniture pieces that add fun to interior decorating.

Optimistic and inviting, light and modern chair will add a splash of sunny colour to room decor , generating optimistic atmosphere and lifting your spirit.

Banana inspired modern chair design

living room furnitureModern chair design and style in white and yellow colors, living room furnishings

living room furnitureMeals inspired modern furnishings style idea

Stylish and very decorative chair style in bright yellow and white colors is fantastic for sdults and youngsters room decorating, hotels and restaurants. This conceptural chair design and style has a excellent prospective.

Comfy high back, padded seat and curvy armrests create a banana peel like chair style that really feel welcoming and cute.

contemporary armchair in white and yellow colorsModern armchair in white and yellow colors, banana inspired modern day furnishings design and style

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