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GIFU Table Lamp Collection, Africa Inspired Contemporary Lighting Design and style

Modern day lighting style concepts, inspired by the wildlife of African Savannah, are surprising, fascinating and functional. Cute lamps, made of all-natural wood, can be unfolded into animal like shaped table lamp with the wire resembling a tail and the bulb seeking like a head.

GIFU lamp collection is produced by two young Spanish designers Maria del Pilar Velasco, www.mpvelasco.com/ and Pau Stephens, cargocollective.com/paustephens/.

Wooden lamps, inspired by African animals, can grow to be a portion of your loved ones, sharing the tenderness and warmth of this contemporary lighting design.

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Animal inspired table lamp design and style

modern lighting fixtureAfrican wildlife inspired table lamps created of natural wood

The table lamp design thought is about generating distinctive experiences and translating optimistic feelings into fascinating lighting fixtures.

Distinct experiences, desires and the way in which a single perceives the globe is what brings a young designer to experiment, develop and express new tips.

modern lighting fixture design ideaNature inspired modern day lighting fixture style

GIFU table lamp collction presents a notion of an ordinary lighting fixture that identifies with intriguing theme of African wildlife.

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folding table lampFolding table lamp, space saving modern day lighting fixture design

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