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ERWIN SATTLER Boutique situated in Shanghai, China

The Bund, as sophisticated as ever, still lives up to its name as the “Paris of the East” right after a century of prosperity. The remnants of the exquisite neoclassical architectures from the colonial periods carry with it the beautiful historical scenery that stretches till the ends of the Western Huangpu River. A century later, the YIFENG Mansion transforms into the YIFENG Galleria along with the globe-renown clock maker “ERWIN SATTLER”, known for its sophisticated artistry and classic craftsmanship. Devoting itself to the design and style and creation of a actual pinnacle for boutiques which can final till the finish of time, Erwin Sattler chose to continue the years of beauty together with the Bund here in China.

Place: YIFENG Galleria,The Bund, Shanghai, China
Transformation of 150m2.
Plan: Boutique
Design: J&Co: R.L, Jada Zhang, Howard Wu, Agnes Peng, Anzo Huang
Glass: Glas & Tongue

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