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21 Uncommon Homemade Mothers Day Gift Concepts, Amazing Towel Cakes

Towel cakes are unusual Mothers Day gift suggestions. Created of tiny and huge bath towels and decorated with ribbons and floral designs, a cake tends to make a great table centerpiece and a great Mothers Day present, especially if you wanted to purchase a bath towel set for Mothers Day anyway.

Towel cakes are exceptional for bridal shower and birthday, Valentines Day and anniversary, Fathers Day or Mothers Day gifts. Producing a towel cake is simple and entertaining project that creates private, functional and beautiful gifts for specific events.

A towel cake makes a lovely celebration table centerpiece that brings lots of smiles and create joyful and festive atmosphere. Created of one particular or two bath towel sets, these unusual and inexpensive gifts will confident to surprise and delight.

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Gorgeous bath towel cakes

blue towel cakeBlue towel cake decorated with yellow flower and green ribbons, unusual Mothers Day present and table centerpiece notion

Your want one particular or two bath towel sets, based on the quantity of layers your want to make. Add hand towels and wash cloths in any colour your like, eye-catching ribbons, artificial or dried flowers, leaf or flower decorations and any spring inspired or feather decorations to make an wonderful Mothers Day gift.

Very first roll the towels for generating a towel cake. Fold every single hand towel in half lengthwise twice. Start with one finish and roll the towels up. Set aside. Repeat this procedure with the wash cloths.

white towel cakeWhite towel cake and spring inspired green-red decoration tips

Fold each and every bath towel in half lengthwise and repeat the folding till the width of the towel is roughly 6 inches or 15 cm. Roll the two towels collectively in the very same way as the hand towels. You ought to now have the 3 layers of your towel cake.

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Add the ribbon and decorations. Cut the satin ribbon into three distinct lengths. Tie the big piece about the large bath towels circumference. Repeat for the other cake layers. When comprehensive, stack the cake layers starting with the biggest layer at the bottom, creating a stunning towel cake for Mothers Day.

creative cake made of bath towelsCreative towel cake created of bath towels in white and orange colors

When the layers are stacked, move the cake to the final place and add lovely specifics for the towel cake. Decorate the towel cake with artificial or dried flower arrangements or flower petals, leaves and modest branches.

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Add spring inspired decorations, Really like or MOM letters, butterflies or birds. Sprinkle flower petals or glass beads around the cake layers, creating an unusual and impressive homemade Mothers Day gift and table centerpiece for your party.

unusual gift and table centerpieceUnusual gifts for MOthers Day, chocolate cake produced of bath towels

mothers day gift and table centerpieceGorgeous table centerpiece thought and exclusive Mothers Day present

You can use lace and crocheted designs to add exclusive charm to this particular Mothers Day present. Nuts and acorns, pine cones and modest tree branches can be utilised for decorating a towel cake.

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T-shirts and socks, a set of knitted scarfs and mittens, any clothes made of soft fabrics can be employed for generating a towel cake and decorating this wonderful Mothers Day present.

blue bath towel setCreative Mothers Day present and table centerpiece concept

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